Tools, useful, kitchenware, to make your Cupcake

Tools to make yours Cupcake

Tools to make yours cupcake

Some cupcakes can be made by anyone, all you need to do is search for a cupcake recipe online, follow the steps and bake. But how to make perfect cupcakes is no longer so easy. When you've seen and tasted hundreds of different cupcakes, you get to know exactly what's missing or missing.

The first thing we should know is how a perfect cupcake should be, what the ideal texture should be, what the pompadour should be, how fluffy it should be ... for this we just have to follow some infallible tricks and of course, have a good recipe and top quality ingredients . And as we have already said, practice, the more cupcakes you make the better they will come out. We usually recommend setting the oven to 180ºC (356ºF) but maybe your oven is not exactly the same and you burn them or they are raw, as you get to know the tools you work with better and little by little you will get closer to perfection .

Making homemade cupcakes is not complicated, but we do have the right tools to make them much better. We can always manage with utensils that we have at home if we are fond of confectionery, but I want to tell you about the tools that should not be missing in your kitchen so that the result is professional.

We will also see other optional utensils, which although they are not essential, they can help you give a final touch of presentation and perfect conservation.

What tools do you need to make your cupcakes at home

Basic tools to make cupcakes:

- Mixer with accessories for rods(11): Although to make the dough for cupcakes it can be worth some manual rods, to make the decoration with buttercream it is essential to use an electric mixer. You also don't need a super kitchen robot, with a normal electric mixer with rods it can be done perfectly and our butter cream will be smooth and perfectly assembled. Although you can also use a Thermomix type food processor, it is always easier and faster, although it is not essential.

- Sieve(4): To get a thin and spongy sponge cake we must sift dry ingredients, such as flour or cocoa. There are different types of sieves on the market, but a simple fine mesh strainer is sufficient for this job.

- Bowls: We need several containers to make our cupcake recipes. Both to weigh the ingredients and to mix the dough. I really like glass ones, but you can use other materials like earthenware or plastic.

-  Balance or weight(1): Baking is like chemistry, any ingredient that we mix can make our recipe a disaster, so it is best that we weigh all the ingredients to avoid unpleasant surprises. The best ones are digital, very precise, and for little money we can find them of very good quality. It will also be useful if you cook often, especially pastries.

- Baking tray(2): It is essential so that the capsules do not open during baking and the baking of the biscuits is uniform. I like rigid metal ones, but you can find silicone ones, although they are a little more unstable when it comes to handling them since you must also handle the oven tray so that it does not deform. There is a standard size for 12 cupcakes and also a mini version in case you want to make smaller cupcakes.

- Cooling rack(15): It is very important that the cupcakes are cooled on a rack to prevent the steam they generate from releasing from the capsules. They can also be used for biscuits and cookies, so it is a good investment.

- Capsules(3): It is essential that they resist the fat contained in the dough well. Try to buy quality capsules so that during the baking they do not become transparent and lose color. A good way to check if they are suitable is by touching the paper, if possible. It should be thick and brightly colored, although the most reliable thing is to trust the most prestigious brands of creative confectionery utensils.

- Pastry bag and nozzles(13, 14): To decorate our cupcakes we need pastry sleeves. I like disposable ones more, they are more practical and hygienic, as much as the permanent ones are washed and aerated perfectly, sometimes it is inevitable that they catch odors and can even be the nucleus of bacteria. We will also need nozzles to give the perfect finish to the cupcakes. They exist in many shapes and sizes, so we can choose the ones that we like the best according to the occasion or the theme with which we decorate our small biscuits.

Optional kitchenware that will be useful for you:

- Spatula(7): Very useful to cover cupcakes. It is used in cases where we cover them with buttercream or similar creams. In its absence, a butter knife, spreader type, can get us out of a hurry even if it does not have the exact same shape.

- Tongue or silicone spatula(10): It is very useful to slice the bowls of dough and ingredients and to mix gently. We can also fix ourselves with a silicone spoon, but the tongue is more comfortable.

- Measuring spoons and cups: Many cupcake recipes are not adapted to our metric system, so the measurements are represented in cups and tablespoons, ounces, grams, etc. For this reason, a set of these never hurts. The set of spoons will also be used for almost all recipes, so keep that in mind.

- Ice cream scoop(6): It may sound strange but it is very useful to put equal portions of dough in each capsule. In this way we make sure that all the cupcakes are the same size. Also when decorating, we can measure the cream in this way.

- Heartbreaker(8): It is the same one used for fruit. If you don't have one, it is totally recommended. In a moment you take out a piece of cake from the cupcake with this tool and you can fill it without difficulty.

- Fondant cutters(5): This tool is exclusively for decorating, so it is optional, and whenever you want to decorate the cupcakes with fondant. There are thousands of cutters of various types, with ejector, without ejector, with silicone textures, simple ... and in many shapes and sizes. The best thing is that you think about what you want to do and acquire a basic cutter and in case you need more, go little by little.

- Non-stick roller: This type of roller is also very useful for working fondant, since it prevents it from sticking to the roller and we will go crazy when handling it. There are many prices and really the quality and the result when working is identical, keep that in mind when buying it.

I hope that what I have told you about these tools to make your cupcakes at home has been useful and explanatory. Whether you are starting in this exciting world of cupcakes, or if you are already involved, it is interesting to know all the possible options that these utensils offer us in order to have extra help in the kitchen.

Tools, to make yours cupcake

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