Chocolate cupcake recipe

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How to make cupcakes recipe

Chocolate Cupcakes Ingredients:

- 250 grams (9 oz) of strength flour
- 200 grams (7 oz) of cocoa powder
- 175 grams (6 oz) of sugar
- 100 grams (3,5 0z) of unsalted butter
- 10 grams (1/2 oz) of yeast
- 10 grams (1/2 oz) of baking soda
- 300 ml of milk
- 4 large eggs
- A pinch of salt
- Chocolate chips (Optional)

Preparation of Chocolate Cupcakes:

This is one of the best-known and most liked recipes when making cupcakes, since the chocolate base is one of the most consumed along with the vanilla, especially because they combine with many other ingredients and are among the most Simple to make, plus the kids love it and it's always a lasting memory to make the recipe with the kids. We are going with the recipe so that you dare to prepare it at home.

Prepare the ingredients first, have them already at hand in the measures that we have indicated, so that the manufacturing process is faster and more comfortable. Also list the mold that you are going to use to make the cupcakes, and in the holes in it the paper molds with which you want to decorate them. The oven must always be preheated, to about 180ºC (356ºF). With all this already done, we will be preparing our chocolate cupcake bases.

In a wide container we will sift and mix both the flour and the yeast, and mix together with the cocoa, the salt and the sugar, which can be brown or white. Once they are mixed, we put them in the container where we are going to finally beat the dough for the cupcakes. Then add the butter, which should be a little melted and soft, along with the milk and eggs, and beat everything at medium speed, until you get a creamy paste, with all the ingredients well integrated. Optionally, you can add a handful of chocolate chips, or chopped chocolate, and spread it well over the dough, to make these chocolate cupcakes richer.

With that resulting mass we are going to fill the molds where we are going to bake, leaving approximately a third of their volume free, so that the cupcakes rise without getting too much of them. We put the tray or trays in the oven and bake for about 15-20 minutes, keeping the temperature at 180ºC (356ºF), if possible with the heat above and below. 

You have to check before taking out the cupcakes that they are well made inside, to avoid that they are raw, you can make a toothpick or some wooden skewer, we puncture them and if they come out dry they are already, if there is no need to leave them a little longer. When we have checked and we have them at their point of baking just both outside and inside, we take them out of the oven, remove them from the mold and let them cool at room temperature, better if it is on racks.

Once they are cold, you can eat these chocolate cupcakes without decorating them, but you can give it an extra touch of decoration, so that they have a better visual appearance and are left with a more complete and tasty combination of flavors.

We can decorate them as we want, using buttercream, icing, whipped cream, fondant, fruit ... whatever we like best. We usually make them with a chocolate buttercream that we add with the help of the pastry bag. On the main page you have detailed the recipe and how to make it easily. Anyway, they are cupcakes that look good with almost any topping you want to use.

We hope you are encouraged to make these chocolate cupcakes and that you like the result, so much so that you repeat them on more occasions.

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Servings / Units: 8

Approximate Preparation Time: 40 min.

Approximate Calories: 335 cal.

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