Condensed Milk Cupcakes

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How to make Condensed Milk cupcakes

Condended Milk Cupcakes Ingredients:

- 75 ml (2½ oz) of semi-skimmed milk
- 4 tablespoons of condensed milk
- 150 grams (5½ oz) of flour
- 125 grams (4½ oz)of sugar
- 75 grams (2½ oz)of unsalted butter
- A large egg
- Vanilla extract
- Medium envelope of yeast

Preparation of Condendes Milk Cupcakes:

If you like to try different flavors and textures in Cupcakes, these will undoubtedly be really surprising to you, because they are very fluffy Cupcakes with great flavor, especially if you like condensed milk, since they are ideal for the most sweet tooth for its sweetness. We are going to detail the steps to follow to make them at home and they will be perfect for you. We recommend that you first turn on the oven at 180ºC (356ºF) so that it is preheated during the time it takes to make the dough for the Cupcakes, and also leave the oven tray prepared with the molds for them.

We will start as always we begin to prepare the Cupcake dough, pouring the butter in a container, adding the sugar and whisking until obtaining a mixture of creamy texture and as homogeneous as possible. The next thing will be to add to this mixture the slightly beaten egg, and we continue beating for one more minute so that the egg is incorporated well. Then we will add half of the flour, also the yeast, the vanilla essence and the milk, and continue to beat intensely for a couple of minutes, until the dough becomes creamy.

Then we will add the rest of the flour while continuing to beat constantly. By pouring the flour in twice it will be easier to integrate it into the dough, since if you add it all at once, lumps will surely appear and it will cost a lot more work for us to have a quality dough. The last thing to do to complete the base of the Cupcakes will be to incorporate the 4 or 5 tablespoons of condensed milk and beat again for a couple of minutes more. With this amount you should have a dough with a quite appreciable flavor, but like any cupcake you can vary it according to your personal tastes.

We distribute the dough from the base of our condensed milk Cupcakes in the molds that we have prepared, and bake for about 20 minutes at 180ºC (356ºF), with heat below and above. Before removing them, it is better to make sure by pricking them with a toothpick that they are ready, since each oven is different and it is normal for the preparation time to vary a little above or below. When they are ready, we take them out of the oven, let them cool to room temperature for about 10 minutes and remove them from the mold, and then prepare the top ornament.

Being Cupcakes with a very intense sweetness thanks to condensed milk, we recommend making a light buttercream with some coloring or simply garnish them with a little cream and some toppings to decorate, but that depends on each one. Try several options and you stay with the one you like best.

Discover the rest of Cupcake recipes that we have published on the web, you will see that they are very varied recipes. There are many different types, from the easiest to the most complex to make, and with very varied flavors.

Approximate Servings / Units: 8

Approximate Preparation Time: 40 min.

Approximate Calories: 360 cal.

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