Microwave Cupcakes

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How to make Microwave cupcakes

 Microwave Cupcakes Ingredients:

- 225 grams (8 oz) of pastry flour
- 125 grams (4½ oz) of icing sugar
- 50 grams (1½ oz) of sugar
- 10 grams of unsalted butter
- 125 ml (4½ oz)of whole milk
- Two eggs
- Colorant
- Vanilla essence

Preparation of Microwave Cupcakes:

This is an ideal recipe to prepare some cupcakes in a short time, since we will make them in the microwave. Keep reading and see how simple they are to prepare. Perhaps they are not as good as in the oven, but that small loss of flavor, quality or whatever you want to call it is compensated by the speed when it comes to making them. And as we always tell you this is also a good recipe to make with children, they can help you weigh the ingredients, prepare them, mix them and then enjoy eating them, uhmmm, delicious.

We will begin by sifting the flour to leave it well filtered to avoid lumps. When finished, mix with the sugar and reserve the mixture. In another container we beat the eggs together with the milk and butter, which must be soft, which we will achieve simply by leaving it out of the fridge a long time before. We also add 2 or 3 drops of vanilla essence to give it flavor and if we want any coloring for baking.

Once the milk, butter and eggs have been well mixed, we will add the flour and sugar mixture, but always little by little and continuing to beat with a mixer with rods. When we integrate the mixture, we will continue adding more quantity, until we have everything well mixed in a homogeneous way and without lumps.

Now we are going to place the paper capsules in the mold that we are going to use, which we remind you must be suitable to put in the microwave. We fill them without exceeding about three quarters of each mold, and when finished we put them in the microwave at about 800W for about 90 seconds. After that time we check the texture and we put it back at the same power and the same time.

We will repeat the process until we have the cupcakes well made, time that can vary depending on the size of the mold. If your microwave does not have an 800W selector, use the closest one and adjust the times. When we check that they are well done, with the center well cooked, we remove them and let them warm to room temperature.

To make a simple coverage for these cupcakes in the microwave, we are going to put the icing sugar in a container and start adding teaspoons of water and mixing, so that in the end we are left with a kind of dense syrup. With the same we bathe the cupcakes once tempered on top, and let cool completely to eat them. If you prefer you can cover them with a cream or some toppings that we like, they admit almost any type of more or less elaborate coverage.

You can use microwave molds but you can also use cups, remember that the cupcake dough grows when making it. You also have to be careful with the power of the microwave and the times, maybe the first ones do not go very well but with practice you will learn to adjust the amounts and the times.

As always, the possibilities are many and varied, so use your imagination to try new recipes.

Discover the rest of Cupcake recipes that we have published on the web, you will see that they are very varied recipes. There are many different types, from the easiest to the most complex to make, and with very varied flavors.

Approximate Servings / Units: 8-12

Approximate Preparation Time: 45 min.

Approximate Calories: 350 cal.

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