Cupcakes are wonderful cakes that are all the rage these days. It is one of the most fun, creative and colorful pastry recipes you can find. These cupcakes originate in the United States, although they are increasingly widespread throughout the world.

The cupcake is a very special dessert with infinity of possible preparations, whose upper part is decorated with ingredients of all kinds, but above all colorful and striking, some can also be filled.

On this website, we show you the best recipes for making cupcakes, according to our experience, within these we also have our top ten, some are simpler and others more elaborate, so you can learn to prepare them in several different ways. Surely with them you will surprise your guests, family and especially the little ones. And it is also a good idea to make the recipes with the children, they will have a great time and you too, it is a family experience that you will remember throughout your life, do not miss it and involve your family.

In the first part of the page there are some basic concepts for those who start making cupcakes, below are the recipes. In the top menu there are also recipes and an information section about cupcakes (history, tools, curiosities, tips, etc.) that we consider interesting.

Basic cupcake recipe

Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Topping

An ideal recipe to start with cupcakes, with which to prepare delicious vanilla cupcakes with buttercream topping, a cover of which we propose three versions. With the indicated ingredients 12 normal size cupcakes are prepared, if you need more quantity, use the same proportion.

Basic Cupcake Ingredients:

Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Topping:

Ingredients for the base:

- 165 grams (5½ oz)of baking flour

- 165 grams (5½ oz)of unsalted butter

- 165 grams (5½ oz)of sugar

- 15 ml (½ oz) of vanilla essence

- 50 ml (1½ oz)of milk

- 5 grams of yeast

- 3 medium eggs

Preparation time : less than 30 mins 

Cooking time : 20 to 30 mins

Nutrition, Per cupcake: kcal350. Fat19g. Saturates12g. Carbs41.g. Sugars34g. Fibre0.4g. Protein3g. Salt 0.6g.

Cupcake recipe buttercream

Ingredients to make the  buttercream:  

- 225 grams (8 oz) of unsalted butter

- 225 grams (8 oz) of icing sugar

- 50 ml (1½ oz) of milk

- 5 grams of vanilla extract 

The best cupcake recipe

Ingredients for the buttercream with cream cheese:  

- 100 grams (3½ oz) of unsalted butter

- 200 grams (7 oz) of cream cheese

- 215 grams (7½ oz)  of icing sugar

- 5 grams of vanilla extract 

Cupcake Recipe

Ingredients for the chocolate buttercream:

- 135 grams (4½ oz) of unsalted butter

- 100 grams (3½ oz) of cocoa

- 500 grams (17½ oz) of icing sugar

- 125 ml (4½ oz) of milk

- 8 grams of vanilla extract

  1. The butter must be at room temperature, so that it can work well. Working with cold butter is more complicated.
  2. If you do not have vanilla essence, you can use vanilla sugar, taking into account that the amount of it that you use, you must subtract it from the total sugar. For this recipe we have tried 5 grams of vanilla sugar, so we only add 160 grams (5½ oz) of normal sugar.
  3. Milk is best used at natural temperature, and it does not matter that whole, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk is used, which will help it to integrate better with the rest of the ingredients.
  4. If you don't have medium-sized eggs, keep in mind that they weigh between 53 and 63 grams each, so we recommend weighing the ones you have until you get the necessary measure.
  5. It is recommended to sift the flour and yeast before adding them to the mixture. This will prevent lumps from forming.
  6. Before starting to make the recipe, we recommend that you have all the ingredients prepared in the necessary amount, so you will finish the process more quickly without having to stop to weigh and add the necessary ingredient.
  7. It is also important to put the oven to preheat, so that when putting the cupcakes inside you do not have to wait for the necessary temperature to be reached to bake them. The normal thing is to preheat it to 180ºC(356ºF), which is the right temperature to make this recipe.
  8. We are going to prepare the mold that we have chosen and we will place the Cupcake wrappers, to be filled later. We prefer to use metal molds, they are more versatile and manageable, although you can use silicone ones if you like them more.
  9. We are going to prepare the mold that we have chosen and we will place the Cupcake wrappers, to be filled later. We prefer to use metal molds, they are more versatile and manageable, although you can use silicone ones if you like them more.
  10. And finally, these cupcake recipes require practice, the first cupcakes surely do not go very well, but surely the second cupcakes, the third, etc. they will come out better and better, everything in this life requires practice.


Beautiful cupcake recipes

We love cupcakes, we show you how to start making them, the ones we have made and our top ten cupcakes, delicious.

Making cupcakes

Recipe to make cupcakes in a simple way, step by step.

We start the oven, and all our ingredients measured and heavy, we begin to prepare the base of our cupcakes. We use an automatic mixer, but you can also use manual rods or a kitchen robot, Thermomix type or similar that is more comfortable for you within what you have.

In the container that we are going to prepare the recipe, we place the butter first, it must be at room temperature. Then add the sugar, little by little, while putting the mixer on slow speed. This first mixture should be quite creamy and with the two ingredients well mixed.

Be careful because sometimes the container is too big and the automatic rods cannot mix the ingredients well because there is not enough quantity, in which case you will have to use a smaller container or use the manual rods.

While you get that homogeneous cream, we are going to throw the eggs in another bowl and beat them a little, not too much, enough so that the yolks are spread. Once the previous step is over, pour the eggs into the container and knead again for a few minutes, until the eggs are completely integrated into the dough.

Then we add the flour, the yeast and the vanilla essence, leave to mix for a few minutes at slow-medium speed, and finally pour the milk, continuing to knead everything until the dough is perfect, that is, soft and manageable, without it will be difficult to detach it from the rods.

We fill the cupcake capsules that we previously had prepared, filling them with the dough obtained, but trying to keep it over a third of the free volume for when the dough rises with the baking, since otherwise the Cupcake will rise too much and will be ugly and will hinder its rear ornament.

We put the tray in the oven, and leave it at 180ºC (356ºF) for about 20 minutes. We use the heat both above and below, without using the fan. Each oven is different and you may need a minute more or less to achieve the same result, so it is interesting a couple of minutes before the estimated time, that you prick the inside of a cupcake to see if it is well done inside . Depending on how they are, they are left a little more or they are already removed from the oven.

When we take them out, we must let them rest for about 5 minutes, so that they cool and we can unmold them well, setting them aside to decorate them later.

So far the preparation of our cupcake bases. Now we are going to prepare a simple buttercream to decorate them on top.

This Buttercream is basic, but to start it is ideal to practice and improve our skills. Over time we encourage you to prepare other more complete recipes, adding ingredients, flavors and colors to improve the appearance of your Cupcakes, but now we are going with a simple one.

In our mixer or rod mixer, and in its container we are going to add the icing sugar, which we have previously sieved. We add the butter, the milk and the vanilla essence, and we begin to beat everything at a slow temperature, so that the ingredients go forming a homogeneous paste.

When we see that they all begin to integrate, we can beat for a few minutes at medium speed, until we see that a creamy-looking mass is formed without lumps, which indicates that our Buttercream is ready.

We are going to pour the cream in our pastry bag, with the nozzle that we want to use to decorate our cupcakes, and we begin to cover them with the buttercream. The normal thing is to start from the center and then make circles until you reach the edge of the cupcakes, but each one can do it as they like. And to finish you can use any additional decoration, one of the many that can be found on sites specialized in creative pastries. And you already have your cupcakes ready. We recommend placing it in a place where your presentation does not spoil until you eat them.

If you prefer a slightly softer Buttercream with less butter, we suggest a variant that includes cream cheese in its preparation, but it is just as easy to prepare. Pour the cream cheese and butter into the mixer glass and mix until they form a creamy mixture. Add the vanilla and the sifted icing sugar, whisking thoroughly so that there is a creamy paste. You can add some coloring if you need to color it.

This cream is less consistent than the previous one, so it is usually spread on top of the Cupcakes to decorate them, since with the pastry bag it does not look good. We usually use it a lot because it is less sweet than the previous one, but it depends on personal taste.

The last topping I have tried is the mango buttercram and it is great, to make the mango buttercream we make a buttercream and add mango puree to the mixture, I added 1/4 cup of mango puree, but it is a matter of taste, try adding more or less and so you will freeze a delicious mango buttercream.

Cupcake recipe

For me, the best cupcake recipes

Chocolate cupcake recipe

Chocolate cupcakes 

We present you one of the best cupcake recipes, without a doubt these chocolate cupcakes are among the most elaborate because almost everyone likes them. In our case we normally prepare them for celebrations with guests. See chocolate cupcake recipe...

Oreo Cupcake recipe

Oreo cupcakes 

One of the best and best known Cupcake recipes, Oreo Cupcakes, one of the most elaborate when it comes to making these sweets.
Without a doubt a very tasty and eye-catching recipe that will delight everyone. See Oreo cupcake recipe...

Nougat cupcake recipe

Nougat cupcakes 

A real delight are these Nougat Cupcakes. We propose a complete recipe with its ingredients and processes. We like it a lot and we usually prepare it at Christmas and they are a success, although they can be done at any time. See nougat cupcake recipe...

Vanilla cupcake recipe

Vanilla cupcakes 

They are one of the most prepared types, one of the most traditional recipes when it comes to preparing them. It is a classic flavor that combines perfectly with any other flavor or flavors you choose to decorate them. See vanilla cupcake recipe...

Cookie Monster cupcake for kids

Cookie Monster cupcake 

This recipe for making Cookie Monster Cupcakes is one of the best known for its attractiveness, which makes it very prepared for birthdays and celebrations of the little ones, and you can make them as they love it. See Cookie Monster cupcake recipe...

Red Velvet cupcake recipe

Red Velvet cupcake 

Red Velvet Cupcakes are very striking due to their colorful sponge cake, which makes them visually very beautiful, they are very rich and tasty. We will detail step by step how to prepare this preparation so that you can serve them at your parties and meetings. See red velvet cupcake recipe...

Valentine's Day Cupcakes recipe

Valentine's Day Cupcakes 

Rich, eye-catching and ideal cupcakes for such a marked day, we propose this recipe with which to make Valentine's Cupcakes, you will see that they are not difficult to prepare and with them you can have a great detail. See Valentine's Day cupcake recipe...

Strawberry Cupcakes recipe

Strawberry Cupcakes 

The strawberry cupcakes that you can make at home are very good. It is an ideal recipe to make in the time of strawberries, with which you get a really rich and complete snack, with a mixture of flavors that you will love. See Strawberry cupcake recipe...

Nutella Cupcakes recipe

Nutella Cupcakes

A recipe that is irresistible for most, especially for the little ones of the house and the sweet tooth, and we are going to show you step by step how to make this Nutella Cupcakes recipe, which will delight the guests at your parties and snacks. See Nutella cupcake recipe...

Condensed Milk Cupcakes recipe

Condensed Milk Cupcakes 

Another one of those recipes that drive those with a sweet tooth crazy and those who enjoy homemade sweets is this one with which to make the best condensed milk cupcakes at home. A recipe worth trying. See Condensed Milk cupcakes recipe...

Coffee Cupcakes recipe

Coffee Cupcakes

Coffee Cupcakes is not such a well-known variant, but if you like coffee you will like it, with the recipe you will prepare some great Coffee Cupcakes. They are very rich for their mix of flavors, sweets and the bitter touch of coffee. See Coffee cupcakes recipe...

Cream Cupcakes recipe

Cream Cupcakes

Cream Cupcakes. This time we detail the homemade preparation of some Cream Cupcakes, one of the easiest ways to prepare these cupcakes, which you can decorate in many different ways, using all kinds of ingredients for the top. See Cream cupcakes recipe...

White Chocolate Cupcakes recipe

White Chocolate Cupcakes

A recipe that is preferred by those with a sweet tooth, since we are going to prepare with it some great White Chocolate Cupcakes, delicious and very sweet, which will delight both the smallest of the house and the oldest. See White Chocolate cupcakes recipe...

Hazelnut Cupcakes recipe

Hazelnut Cupcakes

One of the best ways to prepare some Cupcakes with nuts, since this recipe to make Hazelnut Cupcakes has a great flavor when combining sweet with the salty touch of hazelnuts and they are very appetizing.  See Hazelnut cupcakes recipe...

Lemon Cupcakes recipe

Lemon Cupcakes

One of the simplest and best known Cupcake recipes, a recipe with which to prepare some Lemon Cupcakes that everyone likes and that are a great option to make a homemade snack for the whole family.
See Lemon cupcakes recipes...

Orange Cupcakes recipe

Orange Cupcakes

A traditional cupcake recipe, simple to prepare, with a good result and without the need to spend a lot of time, we bring you a perfect recipe for you. Here we detail the homemade preparation of some wonderful Orange Cupcakes, you will surely like them. See Orange cupcakes recipe...

Banana Cupcakes recipe

Banana Cupcakes 

Another recipe for making fruit cupcakes is one of the richest and tastiest. If you want to prepare some fantastic Banana Cupcakes for your snacks or celebrations and parties do not hesitate to do so with this recipe, it will be a guaranteed success. See Banana cupcakes recipe...

Apple Cupcakes recipe

Apple Cupcakes

Fruit cupcake recipes tend to like a lot, due to the combination of flavors and varied textures that are achieved with them. Next we propose the preparation of some rich and complete Apple Cupcakes, simple to make and with a great result. See Apple cupcakes recipes...

Recipe to make cupcakes in a simple way, step by step.

Apricot Cupcakes recipe

Apricot Cupcakes

The next preparation that we are going to detail is a recipe with which to make delicious apricot cupcakes at home, one of those recipes with fruits that are so popular in general. We encourage you to prepare them to see how tasty they are. See Apricot cupcakes recipe...

Peach Cupcakes recipe

Peach Cupcakes

A new and rich recipe that we propose now, a recipe for making Peach Cupcakes, of those variants with fruits that are so popular. We also develop it for you in the simplest way so that it does not cost you to do it at home and it works out perfectly. See Peach cupcakes recipe...

Carrot Cupcakes recipe

Carrot Cupcakes

The carrot has always been a widely used ingredient in pastry, so now we are going to use it in this recipe, with which we will make some delicious and tasty carrot cupcakes, which if you have never tasted will surely surprise you with its flavor and texture.  See Carrot cupcakes recipe...

Cupcakes Light recipe

Cupcakes Light

This is a special recipe for preparing Light Cupcakes, a way to make delicious and tasty Cupcakes but with fewer calories than usual. It is an interesting preparation that we show you step by step how to do it at home in the simplest way. See cupcakes Light recipe...

Salty Cupcakes recipe

Salty Cupcakes

A recipe that will surprise you of all those that we propose on the web. We are going to detail how to prepare some rich and tasty Savory Cupcakes, which are a type of Cupcakes far from the typical sweets that are usually prepared, but that will surprise you. See Salty cupcakes recipe...

Dried fruit cupcakes recipe

Dried Fruit Cupcakes

If you like to prepare all kinds of Cupcakes, this is somewhat different from the most common, but with a fantastic result. Here we leave you the recipe to prepare some delicious and surprising Cupcakes with dried fruits, that you are going to love. See Dried Fruit cupcakes recipe...

Thermomix Cupcakes recipe

Thermomix Cupcakes 

This is a recipe to prepare some fantastic cupcakes, using in this case our kitchen robot to make our task easier. Dare to prepare these delicious thermomix cupcakes following our instructions and you will see what a great result you have left. See Thermomix cupcakes recipe...

Vegan Cupcakes recipe

Vegan Cupcakes

We are going to show you an ideal recipe for people who follow a vegan diet, since with the following recipe we are going to prepare some great Vegan Cupcakes. If you are curious to try them follow our instructions and you will see how rich they are. See Vegan cupcakes recipe...

Raspberry Cupcakes recipe

Raspberry Cupcakes

For all those who like to prepare Cupcakes and more specifically recipes of the same ones that have fruits, we are going to specially propose this recipe with which to make at home the best Raspberry Cupcakes. See Raspberry cupcakes recipe...

Blueberry Cupcakes recipe

Blueberry Cupcakes

Great this recipe that we bring you on this occasion, very prepared in the USA, where blueberries are often used a lot in baking recipes. We detail step by step how to make delicious Blueberry Cupcakes at home so you can cheer up preparing them. See Blueberry cupcakes recipe...

Mojito cupcake recipe

Mojito Cupcakes

Surely you have never tried this recipe that we bring you below, it is quite novel and little known. We are going to show you how to make some amazing Mojito Cupcakes at home, so that you surprise your guests with them at your meetings. See Mojito cupcakes recipe...

Yogurt Cupcakes recipe

Yogurt Cupcakes

Complete recipe to prepare some great and tasty yogurt cupcakes, a preparation that has a flavor that reminds us of the most traditional pastries, although they can be served with the topping that you like to use to decorate them. See Yogurt Cupcakes recipe...

Brownie's Cupcakes recipe

Brownie's Cupcakes

This is a fairly simple recipe to prepare but with a magnificent result, since it prepares brownie cupcakes that will delight all your guests. It is also a good idea to prepare them with the children, we know that they love chocolate, well, everyone. See brownie's Cupcakes recipe...

Coco Cupcakes recipe

Coco Cupcakes

Coconut Cupcakes This is an ideal recipe for all who like the taste of grated coconut and want to prepare ideal sweets for parties and celebrations. We show you how to make these coconut cupcakes at home in a simple way. See Coco Cupcakes recipe...

Microwave Cupcakes recipe

Microwave Cupcakes 

This is a recipe with which you can easily make cupcakes in the microwave. The result is surprising for how easy they are to prepare and how rich they are, they may not be as good as in the oven but they are easier and faster. See microwave Cupcakes recipe...                          

Cheesecake cupcakes recipe

Cheesecake cupcakes

These cheesecakes with raspberry marbling are delicious.  Many come out, making them perfect for a meeting with many people. They are a nice gift to give or take to a party or make them at home any day of the week. See cheesecake Cupcakes recipe...

Christmas Tree Cupcakes recipe

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

It is always a good idea to prepare these delicious and creative Christmas tree cupcakes on Christmas dates, your children will love them and they will enjoy them and to make it an unforgettable experience prepare them with them. See christmas Tree Cupcakes recipe...

Ice Cream Cupcakes recipe

Ice Cream Cupcakes

It looks like ice cream but it is not, an original recipe. This is the best cupcake idea for a birthday party. They are very easy to prepare and you will leave everyone delighted with the surprise that they are cupcakes and not ice cream. See ce Cream Cupcakes recipe...

New recipes

The last cupcake recipes we have tried, all very rich, and the last topping is the delicious mango buttercream.

Kahlua Jameson cupcakes recipe

Kahlua Cupcakes

Kahlúa is a Mexican coffee liqueur, known in the international market for its dense texture and sweet flavor, with a distinctive aroma and flavor of coffee, and a smooth appearance of natural varnish. It is great, you have to try it. See Kahlua Cupcake recipe...

How to make Churro cupcakes

Churro Cupcakes

This is one of those slightly exotic recipes but they are incredible. Chocolate with churros is a typical dish of the gastronomy of Spain, also spread in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela for more than a century. See Churro Cupcakes recipe...

How to make Healthy cupcakes recipe

Healthy Cupcake recipes

Recipe to prepare some healthier and low calorie cupcakes. These healthy cupcakes for their preparation do not have flour, sugar, or fat and yet they are delicious, they can be made at home easily and they are very cheap, you have to try them. See Healthy Cupcakes recipe...

How to make Diabetic cupcakes and gluten free cupcakes

Diabetic Cupcakes and gluten free 

When it is time for dessert, diabetics and celiacs should use caution. But that does not mean that dessert is something that diabetics and celiacs have to give up. You can make your cupcakes at home and they are delicious. See Diabetic Cupcakes and gluten free recipe...

Cupcakes for kids, Emoji

Cupcakes for kids

Making cupcakes for children is the best way to enjoy the family, the children will love it and you too, that they are the ones who propose the ideas and help make them, it will be very fun and unforgettable for the family, the great result. See Cupcakes for kids...

Baking cupcakes

Baking Cupcakes

Tips for Baking cupcakes, it must be recognized that at the beginning it is difficult for them to be perfect as in the photos, it depends a lot on the oven, the quantities, the times, etc. but practicing at the end they will come out great and delicious. See Baking cupcakes...

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