I have been baking. Just not a lot. Cupcakes and cookies here and there. But I haven’t baked for myself until now.

I was in the mood for brownies (my go-to PMS dessert) and well, I wanted to give it an extra ooomph by adding a cheesecake element. Using Dorie’s recipe, I modified it by not adding espresso (since I do not drink coffee) but used coffee extract instead.
 It did take 3 hours to make the dessert. 1 hour to prepare the layers of sinful goodness (brownie batter, cheesecake batter, and sour cream frosting) and 2 hours to completely chill. But the end result was the perfect PMS dessert.
If you are in the mood for both brownies and cheesecake, make this. You won’t regret it.


  • Emily Bailey

    Can i put the cheesecake-brownie bars in room temperature? Will the cheesecake melt? 

  • Kevin Obrien

    Hi Zara, I just want to know how to make cupcakes for ppl having diabetes,just by decreasing the amount of sugar ? Thanks!

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